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No. 11 - Chorus of College Boys - "Dear old college days."


College Boys: We know nothing of the ologies
Taught in modern colleges.
We've never studied Latin, French or Greek.
We are dumb in mathematics,
But of football or aquatics
We feel entirely competent to speak.
We have never been to college
And our meagre streak of knowledge
Has never been acquired by study hard.
But you'll find the loudest noise
Comes from bogus college boys,
From the students who sell ribbons by the yard.
College jollities will soon be passed.
While we're up an' going, let's go fast.
May the devil always take the hindmost sinner.
Don't dare look back.
Teaching does not always help a fool.
Why should such as we return to school?
We're the stuff, we're up to snuff.
Whoop! clear the track.
College days, dear college days,
Days of long ago.
Olden days,
Basses: Oh, olden,
Others: Golden days,
Basses: Oh, golden.
All: Keep our hearts aglow.
Days of youth, oh, days of truth,
Still we sing your praise.
Though we sigh, we never say Goodbye,
Dear old college days.

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