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No. 13 - Song - The Rainy Daisies


Girls: Is there any earthly reason,
When we strike the rainy season,
Any one should think it treason to display our feet?
If we show a bit of stocking,
Is it anything so shocking
That the men should all come flocking
till they block the crowded street?
Of all the modern crazes
None has a neater basis
Than the dainty rainy daisies
When the day is dark.
For whoever on us gazes
Is lavish with his praises
As each maid her flounces raises
Just above high water mark.
Whenever we spy a cloud in the sky
You'll hear the daisies say:
"We got to go out today"
Though, of course, we hate display,
It's surely no harm to show calves on a farm
Or in town, if we take it by storm.
If our skirts we raise,
Why should anyone gaze?
Why, it's merely a matter of form.

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