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No. 13 - Duet - Amine and Scotty - "Young Torah Top."


Amine: Young Torah Tep was the boy for me,
A wonderful acrobat was he,
His legs were long, his air was solemn,
He had no ribs nor spinal column.
When e'er he wanted to win my eye,
He would proceed with a hauteur high
To wear himself as his own neck-tie
And rivals thus defy.
Scotty: Don't talk of Torah Tep to me,
Such feats are plain as A. B. C.
No self-respecting acrobat
Today would stoop to stuff like that.
Could Torah, whom you hold so dear,
Like a true lover's knot appear,
Or promenade upon his ear?
Two tricks that I have pat!
Both: Oh, who so proud as the man who knows
How to tie his elbows round his nose,
Or who himself at times amuses
By making of his legs slip-nooses,
All innocent he of vertebrae,
He in his jointless boneless way
Lives his unusual careless day,
The happy acrobat.

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