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No. 6 - Duet - Elsie and Fred


Elsie: You remember the waltz
that they played on that night of the ball.
Fred: On that night of the ball.
Elsie: How it thrilled as it filled
ev'ry heart with delight in the hall.
Fred: Ev'ry heart with delight in the hall.
Elsie: It suggested the strains of an old lullaby.
Fred: And it brought to the lips just the touch of a sigh,
Elsie: And it went, let me see, much like this...
Fred: I too recall...
Both: Farewell, my love, farewell.
With you my last words dwell.
Naught but a few faded roses
Could my fond secret tell,
My heart was ever light
Until we met tonight.
Then came the parting knell of our last farewell.

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