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No. 9 - Finale Act I


Chorus: The sea, the sea! An ocean trip,
Oh, what could be more bright and gay?
I'm sure that we will own the ship
And keep it moving night and day.
Just understand, express surprise
At nothing that may happen please,
For when we land then I surmise
We'll "do things" to the Japanese.
Girls: Oh, come you merry makers with devotion.
For the ocean and the heavy swell as well,
Which swell we won't tell.
Officers & Cadets: You will need us, for the breakers
They inform us are enormous,
So, if you don't mind our kind,
We won't stay behind.
Commodore: My friends, I'm glad to find you on hand
Prepared to take the trip.
If you act the same as you do on land
You'll need a swifter ship.
Fred goes with you, Miss Sturtevant too
And Fantana I can't let slip.
I have 'em all pat, (How many is that?)
Not forgetting the Count and his grip.
Chorus: He has 'em all pat,
(How many is that?)
Not forgetting the Count and his grip,
the Count, the Count, the Count.
Count: Oh, here you are, my Commodore;
When do you start? I'm ready.
We seem to have a score or more,
Miss Sturtevant and Freddie.
But now since you the ship have found
And I have found the water,
I think we'd better both look round
And find your charming daughter.
Commodore: My daughter!
Chorus: His daughter!
Fantana: Ah! have no fear, your daughter's here
And ready for the water.
[Commodore:] I think that ends my little band,
I hope my friends are all on hand,
But now before we leave the shore
Let's not ignore the Ambassador.
Chorus: To make our party more complete
We need the Ambassador and suite.
Fantana: Why this delay? Do you suppose
That Hawkins may decline the clothes?
What shall we say, unless he goes
In that array?
Fred: Goodness knows!
Commodore: Why this delay? Do you suppose?
Elsie: Ah, Jessie's here, perhaps she knows.
Jessie: Make way! Make way!
The Minister draws near.
Bow low! Bow low! Upon your knees!
Make way I say! His Majesty is here.
Hawkins (as Japanese Ambassador):
  See that you bend double
Or there will be trouble.
[Chorus:] We bow! Please notice how we bow!
[Hawkins:] Am I the man? I guess I'm it!
Made in Japan, no counterfit,
I'm the Lily of the valley,
I say "valley" for the joke.
Fred: Confound you, man!
You'll spoil our plan! You're not the valet now!
Hawkins: All bow!
All: We bow!
Hawkins: Nagasaki, Hi! pagoda!
Yokohama! Yi kimona!
Samisen, riksha, satsuma,
Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!
Chorus: Nagasaki, Hi! pagoda!
Yokohama! Yi kimona!
Samisen, riksha, satsuma,
Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!
Commodore: My honorable sir,
I hate to hurry you,
But if you want to get aboard tonight
Why we must be astir and catch the train at two,
Which reaches 'Frisco just exactly right.
Sinclair (off): Farewell, my own, farewell!
With you my last words dwell.
Naught but a few faded roses
Could my fond secret tell.
Chorus: My heart was ever light
Until we met tonight,
Then came the parting knell
Of our last farewell.
Commodore: Come now away!
Let there be no more delay!
Chorus: To Japan! To Japan! Ev'ry maid and man
To the sunny land of the riksha, the flower and fan.
To the sunny land,
Heed the call, one and all!
Who approve our plan,
and to that small island in Asia we'll go.
To the land where the cherry blossoms grow,
To the shore we adore,
For a time farewell!
And the thought of joy on the morrow all sorrow quell,
Will all sorrow quell,
For Japan is the land where your cares dispel,
Then to the Isle of Rising Sun
Where there's a smile for ev'ryone.
To this Island fascinating
Let us hurry, ship is waiting,
All aboard!
All aboard for Japan! Ahoy!

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