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No. 24 - Can-Can vs. Cake-Walk


Soloist: To win the heart of maiden free
I use the art terpsichoree,
And ere we part she's vowed to me
I've won her with ze dance.
Of course I may win with my face,
But people say I lead my ace
When I get gay and use ze grace
I learned in la belle France.
Oh, my manner is tres elegante
And my grace is toujour ravisante,
As I kick wiz my teetsies, ah, jusqua la
All ze ladies zey cry me, "Charmante! Comme
Oh mon cher" zey say,
"Je vous adore! Voila!
Et qui voulez vous encore!"
Zey never will leave me, jamais!
When I dance in ze Parisienne way.
  But suddenly, ah, sad to tell!
I failed to be ze Beau Brummell,
Because, you see, ze can-can fell
And cake-walk came to reign.
So, so! next day I started in
To learn ze way to dance to win,
And now they pay when I begin
Ze dance Americaine.
Oh, when I dance ze cake-walk
Ze girls all follow me.
On ze boulevard zey ask me for my card,
Cake-walk crazy!
If you go to Parie
Don't fail to let them know
That you come from the land where the cake-walks grow.

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