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No. 15 - Finale Act II


Dick: Take the secret I return thee,
Guarded as it were mine own.
Principals: They have met.
Constance: Ah, how I thank thee!
He know not then!
That I love him is unknown!
Principals: What is it they say?
Constance: Whate'er in future betide,
How so ever by fate thou'rt tried,
Chorus: It is strange!
Constance: One loyal friend, one heart is true e'er to thee, to thee!
Chorus: It is strange!
With three such bold Highwaymen,
Three such bold Highwaymen,
Which is the right one, who is there can say?
Yes, which is the right Captain Scarlet?
Constance: I entreat thee,
Remember this, it will save thee in need,
Chorus: Which the right one may be,
Who is there here can say?
Sir Godfrey: Come, come, Master Highwayman,
Get to your fetters!
Chorus: Get to your fetters?
Sir Godfrey: Get to your fetters,
Don't seek to be too free here with your betters.
Chorus: We are your betters!
Sir Godfrey: You're rather too free,
Sir Cutpurse Lackpenny, Sir Cutpurse Lackpenny,
Don't you think so, Kilkenny? He's one to many.
Now isn't he son in law, Lord Kilkenny?
Chorus: Lord Kilkenny! It is he!
Dick: Yes, I'll have the honor not second to any
To make this lovely colleen here the Lady Kilkenny
Of Kilkenny Castle so grand.
Constance: Can this be true?
Sir Godfrey: What is't to you?
Principals: What is't to you?
Chorus: The gifts shall be fine and the guests shall be many
At the wedding, the wedding of my Lady Kilkenny
Of Kilkenny Castle. Huroo!
Dick: Why, Zounds, young fellow!
Why, av coorse I'm he!
Constance: He loves her then.
It is to win her hand.
Lovelace: He hanged shall be!
Constance: He takes another name!
A trick well planned.
Lovelace: On Tyburn tree.
Constance: But I'll not give him up.
Stop all! I say!
Chorus: What does he say?
Constance: This man...
Ah, no, the word I cannot say!
Principals: Listen! What says he?
Chorus: 'Tis strange!
Constance: No, no! Take me!
Chorus: 'Tis strange!
Dick: If you'll come to Beverly Manor, a tidy long way from here;
I'll give you a cup, a pipe and a sup, with best of Irish, Irish cheer!
With best of old Irish cheer!
With Irish laugh and with Irish jest,
There'll be whiskey as good as any.
You'll drink a toast to the bride of your host,
To the lady of Castle Kilkenny,
With a whack fol lol and tol di rol lay,
Chorus: With a whack, fol, lol, and tol di rol lay!
Dick: With a whack, fol lol, di rol lay,
Lovelace, Sir Godfrey & others:
  Come, bring these rascally robbers three,
With a merriest clank of chains O!
Let them lodge for a space at Beverly Place,
And then be hanged for their pains, O!
So tackle 'em! Shackle 'em! ev'ryone.
No more of their jest and pranking.
Ay, tackle 'em! Shackle 'em! ev'ryone,
They shall be on Tyburn tree, the tree,
While the fetters clink and clank.
Chorus: Tackle 'em! Shackle 'em!
Tackle 'em! Shackle 'em!
Take 'em to the gallows tree!
Principals: Then hip! hip! hip! huzzah!
Chorus: Huzzah!
Principals: Come, cheer the happy pair!
Chorus: Huzzah! A hip hurroo! a tiger too!
And may we one and all be there,
The feast so rare to share.
Then hip! hip! hip! hurrah!
Ay, cheer the bride, the groom beside
While robbers three in jail shall be,
In jail straight way shall be.

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