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No. 8 - Octette - "I'll have the law, I'll have my right."


Mrs. Bardell: In spite of hate I bear to you,
I'm going to be fair to you,
And here and now declare to you
I mean to have my rights.
Lisa, Sally & Sue: We've come down here to stop a thing,
And as we never drop a thing
We'll make you do the proper thing
According to our lights.
Pickwick: Your attitude so furious
Yo you will prove injurious,
Your charge is simply spurious
As very well you know.
Tupman, Winkle & Snodgrass:
  You have been very rude in here.
On matters we were brooding here
When you three came intruding here;
You're very much de-trop.
Mrs. Bardell: Oh, you never will get rid of us
By such very unpleasant attack;
We have made up our minds for a fuss.
Tupman, Winkle & Snodgrass:
  Go! Go!
Lisa, Sally & Sue: If we go, we shall only come back.
Pickwick: As the eminent man of the day
I have not been considered a dunce
But I can't understand what you say,
What you say when you're all of you talking at once.
Mrs. Bardell & Girls: No, they can't understand ...
Others: No, we can't understand
Mrs. Bardell & Girls: ...when we're all of us talking at once.
All: No, we/they can't understand
What we/you say,
What we/you say,
When we're/you're all of us talking
And talking and talking,
We're/you're all of us talking at once.
Mrs. Bardell: Then gentlemen,
And you too, girls,
Keep quiet just a minute;
I'll open up my heart to you
And likewise all that's in it.
  When Bardell went to his last abode
(As the very best of husbands will,)
I took a place in the Goswell road,
And in the window put a bill,
Pickwick: One day your house I chanced to pass;
Came up the steps and rang the bell.
Mrs. Bardell: You took my lodgings and alas!
You took then in my heart as well!
Others: I/He took her lodgings and alas,
I/he took her widow's heart as well!
Mrs. Bardell: When sometimes I would sit and mope
Pickwick: I'd come into your room and chat,
Mrs. Bardell: You'd praise my cooking, then you'd hope
I'd always cook for you like that.
I'd speak of husband number one,
Pickwick: And I would cheer you up and vow,
No matter where Bardell has gone,
He's better off where he is now.
Others: Oh truce, no matter where he's gone,
He's better off where he is now.
Mrs. Bardell: You might have been the husband
Who won my affections sweet and coy.
You might have been a father too,
To my poor angel, orphan boy.
So if I on the jury call
For damages for my complaint,
It's when I come to think of all
He might have been, but what he ain't.
All: We'll go and on the jury call
For damages for her complaint.
Mrs. Bardell: I'll have the law, I'll have my rights.
Pickwick: Lor' bless the woman, how she fights.
Sally: You villain you, and you, and you,
Tupman, Winkle & Snodgrass:
  I vow my dear, that isn't true.
Lisa & Sue: Our aunt shall have her full revenge.
Pickwick: You needn't bother, keep the change.
Lisa & Sue: You call yourself a poet, eh?
Tupman, Winkle & Snod.:
  You run away and play.
Mrs. Bardell: I'm going to faint, I know I am, I know I am.
Lisa, Sally & Sue: No, no you ain't.
Mrs. Bardell: Oh yes I am, I know I am,
Oh Bardell, to protect your wife
Why don't you come.
Pickwick: The woman's in delirium, delirium.
Lisa, Sally & Sue: We've seen you somewhere
Once before, somewhere before.
Tupman, Winkle & Snod.:
  You'll never see us any more, oh never more
Lisa, Sally & Sue: 'Twas somewhere you'd no right to be, no right to be,
Tupman, Winkle & Snodgrass:
  I hope she don't refer to me.
Lisa, Sally & Sue: We vow the law
At you shall gnaw,
And sharper claw you never saw.
Tupman, Winkle & Snodgrass:
  We easily can see
That she is going to be our enemy.
Lisa, Sally & Sue: No words can paint
Our just complaint, she's going to faint!
Mrs. Bardell: No, no I ain't.
Men: We're in dismay at what they say.
Women: We'll make you pay!
Men: Oh, go away.
All: We'll have the law, the law.

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