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No. 13 - Song - Arabella and Girls - "The Story of the Rainbow."


Arabella: In cloudland once long years ago,
There dwelt a little Raindrop,
Dainty little Raindrop bright,
Pretty little Raindrop had a beau,
Smart little Rainbow with a heart so light.
Young and fresh and foolish,
never such a lover seen
In those days of long ago.
The Rainbow was quite green.
Girls: In those days of long ago,
Little Raindrop had her beau,
Never such a lover seen,
Rainbow then was simply green.
Arabella: Now after Rain the Rainbow came.
Oh! such a dashing Rainbow!
Tender words of love he said.
Whispered to her fondly of his flame,
And as he kissed her cheek he blushed quite Red.
But when he pleaded "Name the day,"
Her teardrops fell anew.
No answer would she give
Which made poor Rainbow very blue.
Girls: Raindrop's tears he kissed away,
Still she would not name the day.
Bluer yet poor Rainbow grew,
Rainbow Red and Green and Blue.
Arabella: The Sun came out and dried her tears,
Oh! such an angry Rainbow.
Thought that Raindrop loved the Sun,
Jealousy and rage and lover's fears
Made him turn yellow as he saw it done,
But Raindrop whispered words of love
That charmed his fears away,
As she vowed she would be his alone
For ever and for aye,
And now clad in Royal Purple,
Rainbow greets his Queen today.
Girls: Raindrop in the heav'ns is seen,
Ruling now as Rainbow's Queen.
These his colours now they're wed:
Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.
And Red.

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