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No. 12 - Scene and Concerted Piece


Janet: Ah! Yon is no song of triumph!
No, 'tis a dirge! The coronach!
Highlanders: Toll the dirges of the brave:
Bear the heroes to the grave;
Lost forever is the cause of truth and right.
Chorus: All is lost!
Highlanders: Vain the soldiers' blood was shed,
Now the battle-field's his bed;
Many hearts will be grieving lone tonight!
Chorus: All's lost!
Janet: Hope has vanished from our hearts.
Rob Roy & Lochiel: Hope has vanished
Chorus:   from our hearts;
  Hope has vanished from our hearts now fore'er.
Highlanders: Toll the dirges of the brave;
Chorus: Woe to us!
Highlanders: Cry coronach!
Chorus: Ah, me! Now our joy is turned to sorrow,
Dark and deep; Ah, see!
Highlanders: Ah, see!
Janet: They come!
Rob Roy & Lochiel: Our Prince beloved still lives!
Tenors: Toll the dirges of the brave!
Sopranos: Toll the dirges of the brave!
Rob Roy & Lochiel: Ay, our cause is lost forever!
Janet: Our prince is safe! 'Tis he!
Prince: All's lost!
Flora: All's lost!
Prince: Ev'ry hope now is gone!
Rob Roy & Lochiel: Ev'ry hope from us departed!
All: Alas!
Prince: Over the glens and mountains there falls
A darkness, as of deepest night!
Lost! Lost! and lost forever
Is now the cause we loved and cherish'd!
Chorus: Will all be well?
Prince: All hope has fled!
Rob Roy: We will be true,
Prince: Ah, would that I had perished!
Would that I had died with all my comrades brave upon
  the field!
  Ah, better far than yield, and I must fall at last.
Chorus: Be brave!
Janet & others: We will desert thee never!
Prince: My comrades, dear,
Flora: Thou'lt find thy friends will faithful be.
Janet: Our best endeavour to serve thee ever.
Flora & Prince: Then heart to heart ...
Janet & others: My Prince...
Flora & Prince: ...we shall not part.
Janet & others: ...thou art!
Flora & Prince: There's nothing ever can our hearts divide!
Janet & others: Our hearts and our swords are thine forever!
Men: My Prince!
Janet & others: Courage all! Be not faint-hearted!
Hope is left, tho' all else has departed;
Tho' we perish, still let us cherish
E'er the cause we love while life shall last.
Better die in brave endeavor,
In the strife to make our country free forever;
Hearts and swords will fail thee never,
And our lives belong to thee.
All: We'll die in brave endeavor,
Strive to make our country free, yes, free forever;
Hearts and swords are thine forever,
And our lives belong to thee, e'er to thee!

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