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No. 22 - Serenade - The Mayor and Sandy


The Mayor: The land of romances,
Of music and dances
Is dear and distant Spain!
Sandy: Is Spain! Where sweet Señoritas,
Inezes, Juanitas,
With black eyes woo each swain.
Mayor: Each swain!
Whirling, twirling round in the dance!
Sandy: Tripping, skipping,
Gaily we prance;
Both: Fandangoes and boleros,
Señoritas, Caballeros, they entrance
In that land of fair romance, romance.
Mayor: Castanets clinging!
Sandy: Tambourines ringing!
Both: As we lissomely sway.
Mayor: Mandolins tinkling!
Sandy: Little stars twinkling!
Both: Come, then, and let us wander, love!
Come, then, and let us wander, love!
Happy wilt ever be,
Mayor: Let us away!

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