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No. 2 - Entrance Song - Aufpassen and Chorus


Aufpassen: Allow me to inform you with the proper sort of gravity,
I'm a functionary powerful and high;
Notorious for enmity to crime and to depravity,
On which I keep a supervising eye.
I execute the just and mighty laws of this community,
The principle of which is simply this;
You have to have a license to make love here with impunity,
And get a signed permit for ev'ry kiss.
Of course this law is not considered popular nor lenient,
For when a girl to kiss you gives consent,
To run and get a license is extremely inconvenient,
'Cause when you get back with it she has "went."
And when you are so tempted as St. Anthony, the hermit,
With arm around a slender figure posed,
You have to break away until you run and get a permit,
So you run, and find the blooming office closed.
Chorus: Imagine the sensation
Of that awful situation,
When you go and find the license office closed.
Aufpassen: But it's all in the cause of morality;
Love making's considered rascality.
And I'm the high official with a majesty judicial
That can make all fond and foolish lovers quail,
Chorus: All lovers quail...
Aufpassen: I keep up the tone of society;
I rail against all impropriety.
On lovers illegal I pounce like an eagle,
And I pack 'em off straightway to jail.
Chorus: But, it's all in the cause of morality;
Love making's considered rascality.
On lovers illegal he'll pounce like an eagle,
And he'll pack 'em off straightway to jail.
Aufpassen: I prowl about in rubber shoes, my zeal is surely laudable,
A-seeking for the surreptitious hug;
And if my shell-like ears detect the sound of kisses audible,
I send the osculators to the jug.
If any couple dares to risk engagements matrimonial,
And plight each other unofficial troth,
The chances are they'l find themselves in donjon-keeps baronial,
Where they'll be fined or tortured, maybe both.
Unlicensed serenaders are considered most nefarious;
The term of their imprisonment is long;
In fact their misdemeanor is akin to the burglarious,
For they're accused of "breaking in" to song.
I always let the sunbeams kiss the roses with impunity,
Although it is a subject for rebuke;
But no one ever ventures to embrace an opportunity,
Unless he has a license from the Duke.
Chorus: We see, with much confusion,
That we can't hug a delusion,
Unless we have a license from the Duke.
Aufpassen: Oh, I of police am the minister;
My joy in my work is most sinister;
I give the law's correction to each budding young affection,
I make all lovers without license quail,
Chorus: All lovers quail...
Aufpassen: Against all aspiring amativeness
I have constitutional combativeness,
On lovers unlawful my vengeance is awful,
And I pack 'em off straightway to jail.
Chorus: Oh! he of police is the minister;
His joy in his work is most sinister;
On lovers unlawful his vengeance is awful,
And he packs 'em off straightway to jail.

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