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When Sweet Sixteen is described as a "song play in two acts." The book and lyrics are by George V. Hobart and the music by Victor Herbert. The original Broadway production at Daly's Theatre, New York, opened on 14 September 1911.

Dramatis Personæ

MR. JOHN HAMMOND   (of Pittsburg) Eugene Cowles
MRS. HAMMOND   (his wife) Dorothy Rossmore
VICTORIA   (his daughter) Harriet Standon
JEFFERSON TODD   (his friend) Frank Doane
STANLEY MORTON   (Todd's Secretary) Scott Welsh
GERTIE GREENE   (a manicure) Florence Nash
MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE   (a social arbiter) Sidney Bracy
ELEANOR BRADFORD   (Victoria's friend) Frances Gordon
MABEL BRADFORD   (her other friend) Natalie Alt
TOM   (a butler) William Betts
A WORKMAN R. M. Dolliver

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Living Room in the Country House of the Hammonds in the suburbs of Pittsburg.   A Wednesday morning in September.

ACT II   -   The Pine Forest on the Estate of John Hammond, the following evening.

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