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Some Time is a musical play written by Rida Johnson Young and composed by Rudolf Friml. It was produced for the first time at the Globe Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey, on August 26th. 1918. It transferred to the Shubert Theatre, New York, on 4 October of the same year and from there to the Casino Theatre where it closed on 7 June 1919 after 283 perfomances.

Dramatis Personæ

See the Internet Broadway Database for the Cast List.

MIDI Files


Scene 1 -   Stage of a New York Theatre (present time).
Scene 2 -   Enid's dressing-room (present time).
Scene 3 -   Room in actors' boarding-house (five years earlier).
Scene 4 -   Enid's dressing-room (present time).
Scene 5 -   Garden of Racing Club, Buenos Aires (four years previous to Scene 1).


Scene 1 -   Enid's dressing-room (present time).
Scene 2 -   Roof Garden of Gotham Theatre (a year previous to Scene 1).
Scene 3 -   Enid's dressing-room (present time).
Scene 4 -   "Somewhere."

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