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The Isle of Spice is a comic opera in three acts with music by Paul Schindler and Ben M. Jerome and book and lyrics by Allen Lowe and George E. Stoddard which was produced at the Majestic Theatre, New York, on 23 August 1904.

Dramatis Personæ

BOMPOPKA   (67th King of Nicobar) Dave Lewis
HAROLD KATCHALL   (the hero of the Muddy Mack) William M. Armstrong
COLLINS   (a deserter from the U.S.S. "Roosevelt") Denman Maley
MACKINAW   (his companion in arms) Toby Lyons
KASHAN   (an unfortunate Court Treasurer) James C. Marlowe
KONNER   (his jealous brother) Joseph Allen
TARIC   (a Regular Boxer) Frank Witter
SAM SNAP   (Sergeant of Marines) Adrian Bellevue
TOM LONG   (a busy Corporal) Cale Middleton
TERESSA   (the King's ward) Florence Holbrook
KAMORTA   (whose lease is almost expired) Maud Alice Kelly
ASBENA   (the Ex-Empress of Nicobar) Nettie Black
TRINKET   (on a long lease as Queen) Stella Maury
(Ladies of Quality) {
Maud Sohlke
Carrie Seitz
Virginia Sidney
Celia Sylvester
Dottie Baker
Florence Sylvester
June Lowery
Gertrude Lennox
(Court pages) {
Ledyard Pope
Cleo Benoir

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Exterior of King Bompopka's Palace on the Malayan island of Nicobar.

ACT II   -   The Throne Room.

ACT III   -   The Tomb of Silence.

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