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Three Twins is a musical in two acts composed by Karl Hoschna, lyrics by Otto A. Hauerbach and book by Charles Dickson, based on the farce Incog. by Mrs. R. Pacheco. It opened at the Herald Square Theater, New York, on 15 June 1908 and subsequently transferred to the Majestic Theater whe it closed after a run of 289 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

NED MORELAND   (in love with Isabell) Jack Henderson
GENERAL STANHOPE   (a martyr to dyspepsia) Joseph Allen
TOM STANHOPE   (his father's heir) Clifton Crawford
KATE ARMITAGE   (Tom's sweetheart) Doris Goodwin
ISABELL HOWARD   (an heiress, the General's ward) Florence Willarde
MRS. WINTERS   (in search of her husband) Frances Kennedy
DICK WINTERS George S. Christy
HARRY WINTERS   (Molly's expected bridegroom) Willard Curtiss
MATTHEW   (an attendant) Tom McMahon
BESSIE WINTERS   (Dick's daughter) Maurie Madison
RICHARD WINTERS   (Dick's son) Marjorie Cogan

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   On the beach at Sea-View.

ACT II   -   Reception Room of Dr. Hartman's Sanitorium.

Note: The vocal score doesn't identify the soloists in items 8, 9, nor 11.
The lyrics of No. 12 are by Collin Davis.

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