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No. 3 - Trio - Beatrice, Henry, and Montagu -
"Too Particular!"


Beatrice: No one can afford to be
Too fussy, prim, and proper  — 
Oh, it never pays!
Henry: It never pays!
Montagu: Not nowadays!
Henry: Else in time, it seems to me,
You'll come a fearful cropper — 
Oh, it doesn't do!
Beatrice: It doesn't do!
Henry: For me and you.
Montagu: It's too absurd to fume and fret,
You ought to take what you can get!
All: Oh! If you're really too particular
You won't succeed in life;
If a man is too particular
He'll never lose his wife!
So! If you're no one in particular
You'll some day find you're left behind,
And all because you are
So terribly particular!
Beatrice: Simple tastes are best, no doubt,
And they're what I delight in — 
Oh, I can't endure an epicure,
Montagu: An epicure!
Henry: If you can't get salmon trout
Just be content with whitin',
Beatrice: Well, it's very nice,
Montagu: Oh, very nice!
Henry: And half the price!
Montagu: A glass of ale's not bad, you know,
If you cannot get Veuve Clicquot!
All: Oh! If you're really too particular
You'll get some nasty jars;
If a chap is too particular
He'll smoke his own cigars!
Oh! If you are not too particular
There's lot of fun for ev'ryone,
Except for those who are
So terribly particular!

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