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No. 4 - Duet - June and Pedro -
"Please don't flirt with me!"


June: You foreigners have romantic ways,
When merely paying a call
You flash your eyes and heave big sighs
Which mean —  well, nothing at all.
You bow and you bend, you gasp and gaze,
You place your hand on your heart;
No matter who you're talking to,
You flirt from the very start.
Pedro: But I can't help doing this
When I meet a charming miss!
June: Oh, please don't flirt with me,
Don't try to flirt with me,
I've been warned by mother and father,
Men are rather bold and free!
I think you'd better be
More careful, mon ami,
For it might be terribly awkward
If someone should see;
So I think you'd better take care
Not to flirt with me!
Pedro: But surely there's not much harm in this,
Flirtation isn't a crime,
It's just a gay delightful way
Of merely passing the time.
A squeeze of the hand, a stolen kiss,
A whisper into your ear.
Ma foi, c'est tout! It's what we do
When nobody else is near.
June: But perhaps my fiancé
Might be rather in the way!
Pedro: Ah, won't you flirt with me?
Do try to flirt with me!
If I met your mother and father
We might rather disagree!
Both (his words): I promise I will be
Most careful, mon ami,
Though I don't suppose it is likely
That someone will see;
And besides, I really don't care
If you'll flirt with me!

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