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No. 14 - Duet - Beatrice and Dudley - "Boots and Shoes."


Dudley: Once there was one little pair of boots,
Beatrice: And one little pair of shoes;
Dudley: The size of the boots was number nine,
Beatrice: But the shoes were only two's.
Dudley: One pair of boots of one pair of shoes
Had seen such a charming photo,
He made up his mind if her he could find
He'd worship her heel in "toe-toe".
One pair of boots,
Beatrice: And one pair of shoes
Both: Were close to each other placed;
Dudley: He tried to squeeze her under the 'trees'
Beatrice: But she was a bit "strait-laced."
Both: Now would you have thought that she'd refuse
If you had been in the boots's shoes?
Beatrice: One pair of shoes turn'd her toes up —  so,
And pull'd quite a long, long vamp.
Dudley: "Ah me!" cried the boots, "it's 'patent', kid,
That you don't admire my 'stamp!'"
Beatrice: One pair of shoes blush'd up to her "tops".
The boots grew a bit more daring,
Dudley: Said he, "Though I'm black, and polish I lack,
I love you beyond repairing!"
One pair of boots,
Beatrice: And one pair of shoes
Both: Soon off to the church they went;
Dudley: There they got hitch'd up
Tightly and stitch'd up,
Beatrice: Quite to their "soles'" content.
Both: While all of their friends who filled the pews
Did wish they were in the boots's shoes.
Dudley: After a good many years had pass'd,
The boots still adored his wife,
Beatrice: The smart pair of shoes got quite worn out
With the cares of married life.
Dudley: Now when the boots walk out with the shoes,
It's different altogether,
Beatrice: Behind them you'll see
A large familee,
All chips of the same old leather.
Dudley: Six pairs of boots,
Beatrice: And six pairs of shoes,
Both: Such dear little saucy rogues
Dudley: Black ones and brown ones,
Country and town ones,
Beatrice: Some with decided "brogues;"
Both: And when after dark they want to snooze,
They go to sleep in the boots's shoes.

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