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Hotel Topsy Turvy is an English version of a Parisian Vaudeville Operetta, L'Auberge du Tohu-Bohu. The French libretto is by Maurice Ordonneau. The American adapation by Arthur Sturgess and Edgar Smith. The music is by Victor Roger with additional music by Lionel Monckton. It ran at the Herald Square Theater, New York, from 3 October - 24 December 1898, a total of 102 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

PAUL BLANCHARD   (a Student) Mr. Maurice Farkoa
COUNT ZARIFOULI   (an Italian Gentleman) Mr. Robert Nainby
DRÉMER   (a Rich Wholesale Draper, of Paris) Mr. E. Dagnall
MOULINET   (of Bourg Fleury - an Old Recluse) Mr. George Mudie
LOUIS MOULINET   (his Nephew - a Student) Mr. Arthur Playfair
  (Acrobats - Members of "Cluny's Colossal Combination") {
Mr. W. Cheesman
Mr. Albert Le Fre
JOSEPH   (Drémer's Servant) Mr. H. G. Payne
LEBEAU   (Principal Comedian of "Cluny's Colossal Combination") Mr. John Le Hay
CÉCILE   (Drémer's Daughter) Miss Florence Collingbourne
MME. MOULINET Miss Louisa Gourlay
MME. MALICORNE   (Landlady of "The White Horse Inn," Bourg Fleury) Miss Grace Wixon
MARCELLE   (Cécile's Cousin) Miss Ethel Sydney
MARIETTE   (Moulinet's Maid) Miss Emilie Hervé
  (Members of "Cluny's Colossal Combination") {
Miss Alice Bitelle
Miss Mabel Nelson
Miss Beryl Somerset
Miss Hilda Jeffreys
Miss Kater Worth
Miss Margaret Warren
     (Proprietress and Leading Lady of "Cluny's Colossal Combination")
Miss Violet Lloyd

MIDI Files


ACT I   -   A Square in Bourg Fleury, near Paris.

ACT II   -   A Room in Moulinet's House.

ACT III   -   The same room - five minutes after.

Nos. 2, 4, 6, 9, 13, 18, 20 and 21 are attributed to Lionel Monckton.
No. 11 was composed by H. Fragson and A. Stanislas.  No. 12 was composed by N. Lambelet.

Only a Piano Score (without vocal parts) was available for sequencing these MIDI Files.

MIDI Files copyright © 2011 Colin Johnson   All Rights Reserved

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