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Covent Garden Promenade Concert Programme

Description: Programme for a Promenade Concert. Sullivan conducted the first performance of a selection from H.M.S. Pinafore, arranged by Hamilton Clarke. Appearances by Edith Wynne, Alma Verdini, Anna Williams, Michael Maybrick ('Stephen Adams'), Caroline Montigny-Remaury and Howard Reynolds.
Comment: The date of the first performance of Hamilton Clarke's Selection from H.M.S. Pinafore has long remained a puzzle, but here it is clearly presented for the "First Time". The mystery has been compounded by an apparent confusion in The Times report (Monday 19th August) which includes no mention of the piece but states that a Selection from Der Freischutz was performed: this item is not included on the printed programme, but a Scena from Weber's opera had been sung by Anna Williams earlier in the evening. Perhaps Clarke's arrangement did not initially make an impact, which might also explain its subsequent revision: here, solos for violin, flute, ophecleide and cornet are listed, whereas later programmes allot important parts to flute, oboe, clarinet, ophecleide and cornet.
Dimensions: 190mm x 257mm
Date Created: 17 August 1878
Associated People: A & S Gatti, Sullivan, Cellier
Associated Companies: Covent Garden Promenade Concerts
Source: From the collection of John Sands.

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