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Here you will find links to online versions of books about Gilbert and Sullivan and related topics. Many of the books have been out of print for many years, and copies are difficult, not to say expensive, to find in second hand book shops.

We hope you will enjoy browsing here.

I. Story Books by Gilbert

GILBERT, W. S. The Story of H.M.S. Pinafore. G.Bell & Sons, Ltd. London. 1913

II. The Gilbert and Sullivan Operas

WALBROOK, H. M. Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, A History and Comment. F. V. White & Co. Ltd. London. 1922.

III. Reminiscences of Performers

BARRINGTON, Rutland. Rutland Barrington: a record of thirty-five years’ experience on the English stage. Grant Richards, 1908.

BARRINGTON, Rutland. More Rutland Barrington. By himself. Grant Richards: London, 1911.

GROSSMITH, George. A Society Clown. Arrowsmith (J. W.) Arrowsmith’s Bristol Library. Vol. XXXI. 1888.

LYTTON, Henry A. The Secrets of a Savoyard. Jarrold. 1922.

MACGEORGE, Ethel. The Life and Reminiscences of Jessie Bond, the old Savoyard, as told by herself to E. Macgeorge. John Lane: London, 1930.

THORNE, George. Jots. Arrowsmith (J. W.) Arrowsmith’s Bristol Library. Vol. LXXVI. 1897. [PDF, 20MB]

IV. Harry Benford's Lexicon at GSOpera

V. Books at the Internet Archive

BROWN, Edith A. W. S. Gilbert. Bodley Head, London, 1907.

CELLIER, François; BRIDGEMAN, Cunningham. Gilbert and Sullivan and their operas; with recollections and anecdotes of D'Oyly Carte & other famous Savoyards Little & Brown, Boston, 1914.

DARK, Sidney; GREY, Rowland. W. S. Gilbert, His Life and Letters. Methuen & Co., 1923.

FINDON, B. W. Sir Arthur Sullivan : his life and music. London, 1904.

GILBERT, W. S. A Stage Play. New York, 1916.

GILBERT, W. S. Foggerty's Fairy. George Routledge & Sons, London, 1890

GILBERT, W. S. The Story of The Mikado. Daniel O'Connor, London, 1921.

GOLDBERG, Isaac. Sir Wm. S. Gilbert; a study in modern satire; a handbook on Gilbert and the Gilbert-Sullivan operas. Stratford Publishing Co., Boston, 1907

HUGES, Gervase. The Music of Arthur Sullivan, New York, 1960

LAWRENCE, Arthur. Sir Arthur Sullivan; life story, letters, and reminiscences. Chicago & New York, 1890

WELLS, Walter J. Souvenir of Sir Arthur Sullivan, MUS. DOC., M. V. O. A brief sketch of his life & works. London, 1901.

WYNDHAM, Henry Saxe; FORD, Ernest. Sir Arthur Sullivan, George Bell, 1903

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