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No. 2 - Duet - Natis and Sebak - "Won't you marry me."


Natis: I started in life as a poor little maid,
To wait on the lovely Amasis;
But I don't like the work and it isn't well paid,
Oh, how trying a waiting maid's place is!
I must think of myself
and not sit on the shelf,
I can't be in service for ever;
But what can you do
if they don't come to woo
When you're shy and are not very clever?
I'm shy!
Sebak: She's shy!
Natis: Oh! why?
Sebak: Oh! why?
Natis: Why don't you try to marry me?
I really think you might! Oh! why?
Sebak: I'm shy!
Natis: But try!
Sebak: Not I!
Natis: I think you're very ugly and most impolite!
Natis: If you're a Princess all the world comes to woo,
To hang on a word or a smile;
Though Amasis is pretty, well, I'm pretty too,
It's only a different style.
Tho' I've given up hope,
I would love to elope
If elopements were only in vogue;
And I know if some scamp
made me with him decamp,
I should fall down and worship the rogue!
Long ago!
Sebak: I know!
Natis: Any knight —
Sebak: Quite right!
Natis: Would have flung me on his horse
and galloped o'er the lea! Oh, try!
Sebak: Not I!
Natis: Oh, why?
Sebak: I'm shy!
Natis: Oh, couldn't I persuade you to elope with me?

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