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British Musical Theatre   Amasis

No. 4 - Solo - Cheiro - "I prayed for life."


Cheiro: I pray'd for life,
a little life, and now
Come death!
There is no life for me,
Ah, me! Ah, me!
Before the Gods I bow,
Ah, me!
Grant me my pray'r for death,
a little death,
Go, life! Go, life!
For life is love, and love was not for me,
Ah, me! Ah, me!
Blow out unwanted breath.
Ah, me!

In two grey eyes I saw my light and sun.
Go, sun! Go, sun!
There is no sun for me,
Ah, me! Ah, me!
The silent night has won, Ah, me!
Here, where I look'd on love,
I come to lie,
Nor grieve, nor grieve.
Two eyes were dim, two eyes were dim for me,
Ah, me! Ah, me!
The Gods are kind to me,
The Gods are kind, I die.

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