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No. 10 - Septette - Pharaoh and Wives - "Seven poor ladies."


1st. Wife: Seven poor ladies of Memphis are we,
Condemned to this grave indignity
By each lord and master.
Fearing disaster
Denied to hide
Our feet like alabaster.
They're anxious about our marriage vows,
Unless we are safely confined to the house,
They'd keep us in by hook or by crook.
Oh, you mustn't really — you mustn't look.
Wives: Our punishment really is too severe.
Would you like your toilet to finish here?
They'd keep us in by hook or by crook.
You must not really — you must not look.
Pharaoh: Come here a minute and listen to me,
I've a suggestion that good may be;
Ask two or three
Young fellows to tea,
And I'll keep an eye on the lot, you see,
I fancy the humour would soon begin
If you shut them out as they shut you in,
And later your quarrel you'll even up
With just a few drops in each husband's cup.
Wives: We thank you immensely for this advice,
To pay out our husbands would be so nice.
We'll do what you say by hook or by crook,
You're a nice old gentleman, you may look.

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