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No. 11 - Duet - Anhotep and Pharaoh - "Your Majesty!"


Anhotep: Your Majesty! your Majesty!
I come to wed your daughter.
Pharaoh: I'm glad of it, I'm glad of it,
I'm glad some rogue has caught her.
Anhotep: My honours at her feet I cast,
I'll be her slave for ever.
Pharaoh: I have no doubt she'll fetter you,
I have no doubt...
Anhotep: Your Majesty! your Majesty!
No maiden e'er was sweeter.
Pharaoh: You'll find a wife, you'll find a wife
grows better if you beat her.
Anhotep: If you but grant this priceless gift,
Her path shall be all roses.
Pharaoh: I know that's what, I know that's what
Each imbecile supposes.
Anhotep: Your majesty! your Majesty!
My love had made me bold!
Pharaoh: Youth's folly makes, youth's folly makes
Me thank the gods I'm old.
Anhotep: And if it please you Majesty,
I fain would wed in haste.
Pharaoh: I'd have you know, her mother, boy,
Is forty round the waist.
Anhotep: Your majesty! your Majesty!
You may retain her mother.
Pharaoh: I only mean, I only mean
She'll grow just such another.
Anhotep: Her soul and not her waist I wed
And it shall be my shrine.
Pharaoh: That's all I ask, that's all I ask,
the contract you shall sign!

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