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No. 26 - Solo - Amasis - "Long, long ago"


Amasis: Long, long ago in far off times,
A law was made, a law was made
That any man led forth to die
Should be reprieved if there passed by
A kindly maid, a kindly maid.
  You'll find it in your dusty tome,
I'm very sure, I'm very sure.
The Gods gave her this power to save;
Her innocence may rob the grave
If she be pure, if she be pure.
  And now, I pray, no childish sin
My soul doth stain, my soul doth stain.
Let it be mine, this pow'r of grace,
That I may boldly meet his face.
Nor weep again, nor weep again!
  The kindly Gods who plant each spark
Of vital flame, of vital flame,
Blot out the terrible offence
Because of one maid's innocence,
His life I claim, his life I claim.

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