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No. 5 - Song - Madame Amelie - "The Lady Wasn't Going That Way"


Madame Amelie: It's really hard, when times are bad
And Tradesmen unforgiving
For ladies in Societee
who haven't any L. S. D.
To earn an honest living.
A rough experience I have had
While friends unkindly mocking
Their firm belief would all express
That nowadays to win success
One must do something shocking.
But the lady wasn't going that way
Though they told her impropriety would pay
So she shut her little eye-ses
To the glitter of the prizes
And declared she wasn't going that way.
  A lady florist I became
And Peers called ev'ry morning;
They purchased from my fingers fair
And left the shop with orchids rare
Their buttonholes adorning,
Until a Duke (don't ask his name!)
With tender smiles and touches
My heart no doubt designed to win
Invited me to supper in
The absence of his Duchess!
But the lady wasn't going that way
Though you can not pick up a Duke ev'ry day
So she turned her little toe-ses
From the naughty path of roses
For of course she wasn't going that way.
  My novels, from a publisher
Got no consideration
For nowadays, he said to me,
Successful works are bound to be
Unfit for publication.
In Sloane Street as a milliner
I met with failure utter
A West End tea-shop too I tried
Where "ladies only" were supplied
With tea and roll and butter.
As a manicure I might have made it pay
If good fortune had enabled me to say
That I'd cut some Royal nail-ses
Say the Queen's and Prince of Wales's
But I never saw them coming my way!

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