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No. 8 - Chorus and Recitative - Adele - "Queen of the Studio"


Chorus: Queen of the studio, welcome right royally!
Where has Your Majesty been?
Leaving the students who love you so loyally
Mourning their beautiful Queen?
Days have been dreary, and life has seem'd black to us
Till with your presence the sunshine comes back to us
Welcome with heartiness, O your High Artiness
Sweet and adorable Queen, adorable Queen.
Adele: My best of friends, no words of mine can tell
The joy I feel at coming back again,
Back to the dear old haunts I love so well,
Back to the kingdom where I used to reign.
That happy time but yesterday appears,
The student's song still ringing in my ears.
Chorus: The song! The song! We all implore!
Sing us the student's song once more.

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