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No. 10 - Scena - Rudolph and Adele - "O Maid of Witching Grace"


Rudolph: O maid of witching grace,
Mankind at will disarming,
The world's in sorry case
When one so fair of face
Is false as she is charming!
When woman proves untrue,
And man has loved her vainly,
Poor wretch! What must he do?
Oh, lips of carmine, you
Might speak and tell him plainly!
Adele: Alas! What must he do?
Rudolph: What sound was that? Who spoke to me?
A voice that I would fain forget?
Ah, surely, no! It cannot be!
It must have been a dream! and yet...
Rudolph: Though all the world of women fair
(And fairest of them all I rank you)
For love of me should tear their hair,
Politely I would say "No, thank you!"
My happiness no more I'll chance
The whims of some coquette obeying;
In future I decline to dance
To any tune of woman's playing.
Adele: When woman is so proudly placed
That she of men may pick the smartest,
You don't suppose her time she'd waste
Upon an unattractive artist,
For Lords with mansions, and domains,
And racing studs, and yachts at anchor,
Would wed a lady who maintains
So large a balance with her banker.
Rudolph: Bygone memories had disarmed me,
If your heart had proved less sordid!
Adele: Would you have me say you charmed me
When I found that you no more did?
Rudolph: Hasty words from lips of youth!
Adele: Jest is often sober truth!
Both: O who would blindly trust his/her lot
To woman/man and (all) her/his tender mercies,
I must confess that I should not
Without expecting rude reverses
We two could never side by side
Go far upon life's rugged highway;
In future let our paths divide
If you'll go your way, I'll go my way.

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