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No. 13 - Finale Act I - "Ah! Here is the Truant At Last"


Schoolgirls: Ah! Here is the truant at last!
Oh, Daisy, what have you been doing?
These pranks, as you've learnt in the past
Madame's very strict in tabooing
Oh, Daisy, it's really not right
You know that you'll smart for it, don't you
But when we're undressing tonight
You'll give us particulars, won't you?
Chorus: Yes, when we're undressing tonight
You'll give us particulars, won't you?
Sir George: Now who thro' foreign studios would roam
When Daisy back in England will soon be?
Come, isn't that enough to tempt you home?
Algernon: Why, yes, I think it's good enough for me!
Sir George: To say that I am pleased, my dear, with you
Is nothing but an ordinary platitude
My thanks to Madame Amelie are due
Where is she, that I may express my gratitude?
Lucien: I think that I can find her for you.
Sir George: There! Good Heavens! Millie Mostyn I declare.
Girls: In astonishment we're gazing
At this spectacle amazing
How can one so strict as Madame
Find a suitable excuse?
Madame Amelie: I would stop their observations
With judicious castigations
If in school I safely had 'em
And the birch were still in use.
Chorus: Though intense her irritation
Yet with view to castigation
Vain all searches made for birches
They're completely out of use.
Lady Barbara: I've seen nothing that is recent
More improper and indecent!
I am shock'd beyond expression.
Madame Amelie: I'll explain if you'll allow.
Lady Barbara: Your assurance may not fail you
But excuses won't avail you.
Madame Amelie: To Sir George I'll make confession
Sir George: No! I cannot hear you now.
Chorus: In default of explanation
There is ev'ry indication
From the traces on their faces
That there's going to be a row
Daisy: I think I'd better make it clear
That not another word I'll hear
Against a lady who has been the
Truest friend I've ever seen,
And if to England I must go
The parting will be hard, I know,
In fact, the thought occurs to me
Can I without her happy be?
Adele: Though on parting we've decided
Why should old acquaintance end?
If our lives must be divided
Let me still remain your friend!
Though the ties of old are riven
And unfetter'd both we stand
All forgotten and forgiven
Let us take each other's hand!
Rudolph: Though henceforth I must forget you
No regrets upon me steal
That I ever should have met you
Is the one regret I feel
Yet my heart its queen would choose her
Fickle beauty though she be!
Little matter since I lose her
What on earth becomes of me.
Ensemble: Then goodbye to all that lingers
Of the days we once held dear
Trusting grasp of little fingers
Whisper'd words that none might hear
Beating hearts and tender glances
Eyes that spoke in fond reply
Foolish dreams and idle fancies
They must bid them all goodbye
Foolish dreams and fancies
They must bid them, they must bid them all
When a ward with expectations
Is so sweetly young and girlish
To withhold congratulations
Would be positively churlish
May she lovers have in plenty
All prepared to pick a bride up
On attaining one and twenty
May her cash be no more tied up.
May her life be ever sunny
May her tears be those of joy
May she marry rank and money
And be happy ever after,
Ever after.

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