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British Musical Theatre   Monsieur Beaucaire

First performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre in Birmingham, on 7 April 1919, before opening at the Prince's Theatre in London under the management of Frank Curzon on 19 April 1919 and transferring to the Palace Theatre on 29 July 1919, for a successful run.

Dramatis Personæ

Monsieur Beaucaire Marion Green
Philip Molyneux John Clarke
Frederick Rantison Lennox Pawle
Rakell Spencer Trevor
François Yvan Servais
Duke of Winterset Robert Parker
Beau Nash Robert Cunningham
Townbrake Debbis King
Capt. Badger Percy Carr
Joliffe Harry Frankiss
Bicksitt Leigh Ellis
Marquis de Mirepoix Yvan Servais
Lucy Alice Moffat
Countess of Greenbury Vilet Russell Jerome
Girl Rene Morell
Lady Mary Maggie Teyte

MIDI Files

PROLOGUE — Monsieur Beaucaire's Lodgings in Bath (Early Evening)

  • No. 1 Chorus: "Voyageur's Song"
  • No. 2 Song (Beaucaire): "Red Rose"
  • No. 3 Trio (Molyneaux, Beaucaire and Winterset) "Going to the Ball"

ACT I — Lady Rollerton's Ballroom (Same Evening)

  • No. 4 Opening Chorus: "The Beaux and the Belles of Bath"
  • No. 5 Duet (Lucy and Molyneaux): "A Little More"
  • No. 6 Chorus: "Come with Welcome"... Song (Lady Mary): "I do not know" ...           Chorus: "Who is this?" ... Song (Beaucaire): "English Maids"
  • No. 7 Duet (Lady Mary and Beaucaire) "Lightly, Lightly"
  • No. 8 Quartette (Molyneaux, Beaucaire, Badger and Winterset
  • No. 9 Rose Minuet and Finale to Act I

ACT II — At Mr. Bantison's Park, outside Bath (Three weeks later)

  • No. 10 Chorus and Dance: "Pastoral Fête"
  • No. 11 Song (Beau Nash): "When I was King of Bath"
  • No. 12 Song (Lucy): "That's a Woman's Way"
  • No. 13 Song (Lady Mary): "Philomel"
  • No. 14 Song (Molyneaux): "Honour and Love
  • No. 15 Duet (Lady Mary and Beaucaire): "Say no more"
  • No. 16 Finale to Act II

ACT III — Assembly Rooms at Bath (One week later)

  • No. 17 Opening Chorus: "Have you heard?"
  • No. 18 Sextette (Raskell, Townbrake, Joliffe, Badger, Bantison and Bicksitt):
                 "The Honours of War"
  • No. 19 Duet (Lucy and Moluneaux): "We are not speaking now"
  • No. 20 Song (Beaucaire): "Under the Moon"
  • No. 21 Song (Lady Mary): "What are Names?"
  • No. 22 Chorus: "Way for the Ambassador"
  • No. 23 Song (Mirepoix): "A Son of France"
  • No. 24 Finale to Act III

Supplemental Number
Song (Beaucaire): "Gold and Blue and White"
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