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British Musical Theatre   Betty

ACT I   -   The Earl of Beverley's House in Regent's Park.

No. 1 - Opening Chorus


Chorus: Oh, his Lordship rather keeps things up,
Men: He keeps things up,
Girls: They come to sup —
All: Lots of ladies and of noblemen,
That's life in the Upper Ten!
Girls: Veuve Clicquot on the go,
Until three A. M.
All on ice, and the price
Doesn't bother them!
Men: If my Lord can't afford it some day
Girls: As people say,
All: Then the Duke will have to pay!
Oh! and after they have done, you know,
Men: There'll be some scraps
Girls: For us perhaps!
All: When we clear away the plates and chairs,
You'll see high life down stairs!
Men: For no one cares —
Girls: What goes down stairs.

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