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No. 2 - Duet - Betty and Alf - "The Duchess of Dreams."


Betty: Let's pretend
Some fairy has granted our wishes!
Alf: Let's pretend we both have our wishes!
Betty: Ah! there's an end
Of washing glasses and dishes!
Alf: There's an end of washing up dishes!
Both: I am now a lady/person of birth,
I can buy up the earth,
I can't tell you how much I'm worth!
Betty: I'm so chic,
In diamonds, satin and laces!
Alf: People speak to us as "Your Graces!"
Betty: So what shall we do now?
Alf: I'll leave it to you now!
Betty: My Lord Duke,
We'll have the car at seven precisely.
Alf: Drive out, not very far,
To Margate will suit us nicely;
Betty: We'll come back in time to dine,
A quarter to nine,
And then say a Music-hall,
And last a fancy ball!
Alf: I fancy I should be the rage
If I should go as a page?
Betty: For I'm a Duchess in a dream,
A dame of elegance supreme,
With all that's beautiful and splendid,
Till dreams are ended!
I'll wear a golden coronet
With jewels wonderfully set;
And while it sparkles and it gleams
I'm Duchess of Dreams
Betty: Let us say
That I have been lately presented!
Alf: Let us say
That you've been presented!
Betty: Ah! on that day
I'm sure to be much complimented.
Alf: On that day you'll be complimented!
Both: I/You shall/will look as nice as I/you can,
Smile and play with my/your fan,
Till I/you meet with the right young man!
Betty: I can tell
He loves me as soon as I've met him!
Alf: Very well, I wish you may get him!
Betty: And what shall I say then?
Alf: You have it your way then!
Betty: My Lord Duke,
I must confess I like you, well rather!
Alf: So I will answer yes,
If you satisfy my father!
Betty: And then, dear, you'll marry me,
I don't care how soon,
And our life is sure to be
An endless honeymoon!
Alf: And then I'd give you an embrace,
If I were his noble Grace!
Betty: For I'm a Duchess in a dream,
Of love and happiness supreme,
And all that's beautiful and splendid,
Till dreams are ended!
He'll say with all the joy in life
He takes me for his wedded wife!
How strange and wonderful it seems,
I'm Duchess of Dreams!

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