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No. 4 - Song - Jotte with Alf - "Jotte!"


Jotte: I started bus'ness on six bob a week —
Alf: I get that nearly,
Jotte: I was an errand boy, but I had chic,
Alf: O, had you really?
Jotte: Maids who took the parcels from me
Used to say "Don't kiss me, Tommy!"
But I didn't let them off, you bet!
I've been a Rip Van Winkle,
Oh, you never saw a little boy so hot
As Tommy Jot!
All the girls were round me,
And they always found me
On the spot!
Why, I could have got engaged to quite a lot,
But I would not--
Hardly good enough for Tommy Jot!
Alf: Eh, what! why not?
Jotte: I'm Jot!
Jotte: I took a Bond Street shop and rose to fame —
Alf: You must be clever,
Jotte: I'm "Monsieur Jotte"— no doubt you've seen the name?
Alf: Quite frankly, never.
Jotte: I have mannequins on duty,
Twenty types of English beauty,
All of them for years have married peers--
I don't include Keir Hardie,
Oh, you never heard of such a great big pot
As Monsieur Jotte!
Selfridges and Whiteleys
Offer'd me politely all they'd got,
Some are rather hot and think they know what's what,
But they do not!
None can touch the touch of Monsieur Jotte.
Alf: Great Scott, why not?
Jotte: I'm Jotte!
Jotte: There was a Duchess at my little place —
Alf: I'm glad I've met you.
Jotte: I can't say who, because I know His Grace —
Alf: I would not let you.
Jotte: She'd a figure like a Juno,
Just a bit in my style, you know,
That's the sort of shape I love to drape!
I've sat up all night draping,
Oh, you never heard a passion quite so hot
As hers for Jotte!
She was asking whether
We could fly together on my yacht!
I could tell you what she said up on the spot
But I will not,
Do you think you'll get the truth from Jotte?
Alf: What rot! why not?
Jotte: I'm Jotte!

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