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No. 13 - Duet - Betty and Gerard - "If it was true."


Betty: Suppose it was true
That you loved me and I loved you.
Gerard: Just as a lot of other men and women do!
Betty: Of course, it isn't so, we know!
Gerard: Suppose I'd met you long ago,
And raved about you day and night,
Until I'd lost my appetite?
Betty: Delightful! Quite charming!
Gerard: If I had vowed you should be mine
For I thought you divine.
Betty: Suppose we were to act, in fact,
Like people we have met
Inside a novelette.
Gerard: The hero with a crop of curly hair,
Betty: So gallant, debonair and dashing,
Gerard: Tracks the girl the wide world over,
Betty: Until they're wed and live in clover.
Both: Love lifts the veil that is before your eyes,
And all the world is new,
And dawn is rosy in the summer skies,
And ev'ry rose on earth that grows
Is all for you!
Betty: For love has scatter'd all the way with flow'rs,
Both: And spread the cloudless sky above,
Betty: And all is fair, and all is yours, is ours,
Both: Upon the day, upon the day of Love!
Betty: Ah! Love, greatest of kings!
Gerard: Ah! Love, love that has wings!
Betty: Follow his call
That can charm and enthrall,
Both: On through all!
Love has wings, as you know,
Hold Love, let him not go!
Once will he open you fairyland's door,
Then no more!

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