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No. 14 - Trio - David, Jotte and Playne - "We ought to combine."


David: A woman's too much for a man all alone,
She knows all his tricks and a lot of her own,
Jotte: For instance, a woman who owes for a dress
Will go to a man in the greatest distress.
She sobs on his neck till he settles the bill,
Playne: Yes, I gave her a cheque,
Jotte: Well, she's owing it still!
All: Too true! What is one to do?
Jotte: We men ought to combine,
David: Ought to combine,
Playne: Fall into line!
Jotte: All pull together
Playne: Like birds of a feather,
All: And stick it through rain and through shine!
David: All for each, and each for all.
Jotte: United we stand and divided we fall.
Playne: And if you don't mind this suggestion of mine,
I think we ought to combine,
All: Yes, yes, we certainly ought to combine!
David: A woman behaves in so cruel a way,
She will not believe you, whatever you say,
Playne: Supposing your wife writes a note to a man
And asks him to meet her some day if he can,
She will not confess when she's caught in the act.
Jotte: No, she says it was yours,
Playne: So it was as a fact!
All: Too true! What are we to do?
Playne: We men ought to combine,
Jotte: Ought to combine,
David: Fall into line!
Jotte: Back up each other
Playne: Like brother and brother,
All: For that's the alliance we sign!
David: Pull in time and keep your length!
Playne: And always remember that Union is Strength!
Jotte: I have got a new and effective design —
I say we ought to combine,
All: Yes, yes, we certainly ought to combine!
Jotte: The women won't conquer us now if they try,
Playne: Together we stand and together we lie!
David: For instance, if one of you gets in a mess,
I'll take all the blame on myself and confess!
No woman will get over me, I'll engage.
Playne: I should like to know why?
David: Well, I'm still under age!
All: That's true, it's what we will do!
David: We men ought to combine,
Playne: Ought to combine,
Jotte: Fall into line!
David: All of us do it,
Playne: We've got to go through it!
All: And one stitch in time will save nine!
David: Cut your coat to suit your cloth!
Jotte: And too many cooks make a hash of the broth!
David: Well, I have a plan that I think rather fine,
Jotte & Playne: You think we ought to combine,
All: Yes, yes, we certainly ought to combine!

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