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British Musical Theatre   Betty

No. 15 - Finale Act II


Dolly: What! you cannot really, truly
Mean to send her off so coolly!
Gerard: Well, you needn't care, that's our affair!
Betty: Let it be as he arranges,
Now it's far too late for changes!
Victor, Cedric & David:  Both of you should go
Or should stay, you know!
Men: Shall we see them go away?
Girls: No, they say he will stay!
Why, we don't know!
Tenors: Gerard, say, is that so?
Girls: Only one is to go?
That is never done!
All: We can't believe it's true,
It's such a stupid thing to do!
Gerard: Simply an ev'ryday affair,
Nothing does one good like the country air!
So my dearest wife prefers the simple life;
Solitude is best to give her perfect rest.
Betty: Yes, dear, I get no quiet here;
On the new mown hay I could rest all day,
Wake before the lark,
Go to bed at dark,
A life like this is married bliss!
Chorus: It seems a highly novel plan
This happy pair have started;
A honeymoon for wife and man
In which the two are parted!
Their fond affection, true and deep,
Almost induces us to weep.
For such a happy pair
Is really very rare, very rare!
Betty: As I'm to go and he's to stay,
Goodbye is all there is to say
Upon my wedding day!
Girls: Ah!
Chorus: Why must you go away?
Betty: But whether we are near or far,
We shall be friends, as now we are;
It's only au revoir!
Girls: Ah!
Chorus: Good luck, and au revoir!
Gerard (after dialogue): It's infamous!
Betty: Gerard, here, I entreat,
I could kneel at your feet.
Take your wealth, your name away,
But let me only stay!
Chorus: Don't be cold, grant her pray'r,
See her stand pleading there!
Betty: Give me all I care to own,
Love alone!
Love lifts the veil that is before my eyes,
And all the world is new!
And earth is golden as the summer skies,
If I can dare to think you care,
As I for you!
For all is Paradise around, above,
If you are mine, if I can win your love!
Ah! then let us forget,
Love waits here for us yet,
And can he open us fairyland's door,
Then — no more.

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