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No. 18 - Duet - Estelle and Jotte - "The Right Side and the Wrong!"


Estelle: There is a right side and a wrong
To ev'rything, it seems to me.
Jotte: So you will find before you're long
In high society.
Estelle: I've found it easy when I tried
To get the right side of the men.
Jotte: But if you put on too much side,
How will you manage then?
There's a right side and a wrong side,
You be careful where you are.
Estelle: If a noble peer should come too near
He'll want to go too far.
Jotte: So remember when you sit out
With a marquis at a ball —
Estelle: Keep the right side of the palm trees —
Both: Then there isn't any harm at all!
Estelle: When you would ask a girl to dance,
A maiden full of modest charm,
Jotte: Then with a winning smile advance,
Offer your good right arm!
Estelle: Just put the arm around her waist,
But not the whole way round, you know,
Jotte: Wait till you've got her nicely placed,
Then, are you ready? Go!
Estelle: Step the right side, not the wrong side,
That's a thing to bear in mind,
Jotte: Or you give a whirl and land your girl
Right out of sight behind!
Estelle: Then you can't get on the right side,
Though you try all round the hall,
Jotte: And the lady says "You stupid!
Both: You don't know how to dance at all!"

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