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Blue-Bell in Fairyland is a Christmas-season children's entertainment described as "a musical dream play", in two acts, with a book by Seymour Hicks, lyrics by Aubrey Hopwood and Charles H. Taylor, and music by Walter Slaughter. First produced at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, on December 18th, 1901.

Dramatis Personæ

The Play

Dicky   (a Crossing Sweeper)   Mab
brace (Blue-Bell's Little Sisters)
Mr. Joplin   (a City Merchant)  
brace (Mr. Joplin's Footmen)   Meg
  A Rich Lady
Policeman I. C.   Chamberlain
Peter (the Cat)   The Herald
Mrs. Hearty   (Blue-Bell's Landlady)   Blue-Bell's Good Fairy
Blue-Bell (a Little London Flower Girl)

The Dream

The Sleepy King   The Sparrow
The Owl   The Frog
Blib brace   (Two Schoolboys)   The Black Rabbit
Blob   A Doll
The Reigning King
  Tommy   (a Highlander)
The Reigning Queen
The Yellow Dwarf
The Spirit of the Cup
The Will O'the Wisp
The Water Lily
  Two Dutch Sabot Girls
The Dove
The Fish
The Kite
The Thrush

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