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British Musical Theatre   The Blue Moon

ACT I   -   The Bungalow at Naga.

No. 1 - Opening Chorus


Chorus: If not on labour over sweet,
The lotos you would rather eat,
You'd better come to Burmah;
A land which we can recommend,
In laziness to far transcend
The rest of Terra firma!
Men: Our languid days at leisure pass —
Unchanging as the weather-glass,
Which couldn't go to "Finer."
Girls: The only thing that wakes us up,
And gives us further food for "Gup,"
Is when there comes a "Liner."
All: Another batch to overhaul
Of new arrivals set us all
Agog with expectation;
Our energies no longer flag,
Our waken'd tongues begin to wag,
All thro' our hillside station,
All thro' our hillside station.
Girls: We've scandalized all of our neighbours,
We know all their dresses by heart,
What Mister A's pay is, and how Mrs. A is
Upon it suspiciously smart!
With censure we've lightened our labours,
And settled, amongst other topics,
That Mrs. Fitz-What is a little too hot,
For even a place in the tropics!
All: Settled "Who's Who,"
Whom to eschew,
Whom to encourage and whom to pursue,
Till we've got nobody left to review,
And that's what's the matter with Burmah!
Men: Blazin' Burmah's over warm,
Reptiles squirm and insects swarm;
Lotus eatin' ain't our form;
Oh, to seek the Springland!
Oh, for English leaf and loam!
Oh, to sail across the foam!
Oh, if we were going home!
Oh, to be in England!
Oh, if we were going home!
Oh, to be in England!
All: Then heed of indolence the call,
Abandon to the toiling thrall,
The rest of Terra firma;
Come where 'tis always afternoon,
Where sweet the balmy odours swoon,
Where sweet the balmy odours swoon
Above the land of Burmah!

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