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No. 12 - Finale Act I


Ladies: The sun sinks down in the golden west
From his throne in the summer sky,
The breezes murmur and call to rest,
With whisp'ring lullaby.
But we must wander and wander on,
Many a mile ere the night is gone.
All: Oh, we're sorry you must go,
And we wish you were remaining,
For we really think your show
Is extremely entertaining;
Any time you pass this way
You will get a welcome warm,
For you've pleas'd us all today
With the programme you perform.
Jack: Stay! tho' astonishment no doubt you'll show,
The truth from you no longer will I hide--
These people leave, but Chandra shall not go--
I love her, and I claim her as my bride.
Major: How shocking, how disgraceful!
I can't believe my ears,
Observe your aunt reduced to Salvolatile and tears!
Of gossip and of scandal
we shall quickly have the place full.
How thoughtless, how ridiculous!
How shocking, how disgraceful!
Chorus: How awkward, how unpleasant!
The truth we cannot hide,
He's rather shocked his family by choosing such a bride.
The situation seems a little difficult at present,
How awkward, how undignified!
How foolish, how unpleasant!
Now here's a most remarkable tale,
What will the Sahib say?
His wishes are of little avail,
In spite of his dismay
She'll certainly go away.
Jack: Though good or ill the fates decree,
Yet from today my dearest heart,
Ah! say you will be true to me,
Can you not stay? Why need we part?
Chandra: 'Twere vain regret, for I must go,
But I will try to come back soon.
Ah! don't forget I love you so;
Now say goodbye, goodbye.
Goodbye to your Blue Moon, goodbye.
Chorus: The fate in store she little knows,
Another's bride she'll have to be,
Though she implore, yet we suppose
She'll be denied her liberty.
With rank and fame she'll be endowed,
And very soon as you may guess,
We shall acclaim with plaudits loud
Our sweet Blue Moon a Royal Princess,
Our sweet Blue Moon a Royal Princess.

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