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British Musical Theatre   The Boy

ACT I   -   Mr. Meebles' House at West Hampstead.

No. 1 - Introduction & Opening Chorus


Chorus: We will finish the rub!
And we've only to pay!
It was not quite the play
You'd expect at a club!
For you must understand
That it gives one the jumps
When you make three "No Trumps"
On a Yarborough hand!
But in spite of our faults
It was better, a lot,
Than to make ourselves hot
In a romp of a waltz!
We were glad of a chance
To be out of the hop;
Now it's time we must stop,
For they're ending the dance!
Dancers: Wasn't it simply entrancing?
That is a wonderful waltz!
Swinging one round
Right off the ground.
Isn't one hot when it halts?
Oh, I'm just giddy with dancing,
Wheels going round in my brain!
I want to sit
Down for a bit,
Then we'll go at it again!
For it's ripping, ripping, airily tripping,
Gliding, sliding over the floor,
To the swaying tune they are playing...
Give us a rest and we'll have some more!
Flappers: Oh, where is Master Hugh?
Have you seen him, any of you?
He promised us all a dance at his ball,
And we waited there in a queue!
He's somewhere out of view,
With a sweetheart, old or new.
He's only fourteen,
But we've never seen
Such a bold little boy as Hugh;
All: Don't bother after Hugh,
If he doesn't answer his cue;
You cannot expect
That he'll recollect
What he said to me or to you.
His years are far too few,
For a sense of what is due,
What ever he said
Went out of his head,
So we can't be too hard on Hugh!
For this is why we're all of us here,
To celebrate Hughie's fourteenth year;
And glad and gay,
In chorus say
We're wishing him happy returns of the day,
Returns of the day, Hooray!

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