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No. 7 - Duet - Millicent and Meebles - "Real Romance"


Millicent: All my life through I have yearn'd for romance,
To cheer and to comfort my soul;
Ah! sad to say
It has not come my way.
Meebles: Did Cook ever order the coal?
Millicent: Often romance seems to whisper to me,
In vain for its joys I am seeking;
Where does it dwell?
Oh, I wish I could tell...
Meebles: The tap in the bathroom's been leaking!
Millicent: Ah, ah, ah,
Meebles: Ah, ah, ah!
Millicent: Real romance!
True romance!
How does one reach its abode?
Meebles: You'd better ask the policeman
Just at the end of the road (by the pillar box.)
Millicent: Others may
Find the way,
I never get any chance;
Sometimes with passion provoking,
I feel I'm choking,
Meebles: P'r'aps, dear, the chimney's been smoking,
Millicent: Is that romance?
Millicent: Often romance may elude you for years,
But some day will come sure enough;
Then, I suppose,
Life is couleur de rose:
Meebles: Those kidney's at breakfast were tough!
Millicent: Then in your heart is delirious joy,
And rapturous visions come closer
Ah, think of this!
I should swoon with such bliss...
Meebles: No sugar this week from the grocer!
Millicent: Ah, ah, ah,
Meebles: Ah, ah, ah!
Millicent: Real romance,
True romance!
It may arrive unawares;
Meebles: P'r'aps it will come in a taxi,
Or you may meet on the stairs
Of the Bakerloo.
Millicent: Though as yet
We've not met,
Someday I may get the chance,
I feel my bosom with throbs stir,
My soul with sobs stir...
Meebles: You've had two helpings of lobster:
Millicent: Is that romance?
Millicent: Spasms of hope that are vague, oh!
Through me each day go.
Meebles: You've got a touch of lumbago.
Millicent: Is that romance?

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