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British Musical Theatre   The Boy

No. 10 - Chorus and Exit


Chorus: Oh, we now must say goodbye,
For we really must be going;
If we dare to linger on
All the taxis will be gone!
And if that should happen, why,
There is hardly any knowing
How we can get home again:
And it's pretty sure to rain!
So goodbye, Mister Meebles,
We must really all be going:
We hope you haven't run a risk
of any cold or cough.
Get your wraps on and hurry,
for we hear the whistles blowing,
And someone will be taking our cab
and driving off.
Hi, taxi!
My taxi!
No, that is mine!
Our taxi!
Which taxi?
Third in the line!
Men: This'll do!
Ladies: This'll do!
Men: Whistle you!
Ladies: Whistle you!
Men: Goodbye!
Ladies: Goodbye!
All: Hi, taxi! Hi! hi! hi! hi! hi! hi!

No. 11 - End of Act I


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