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British Musical Theatre   The Boy

No. 20 - Finale Act II Scene 1


Policemen: We're stiff and stolid,
Large and solid,
Representatives of the law,
Men of metal without a flaw
Filling criminal hearts with awe.
Meebles: (I'm afraid we're goin' to have a bit of trouble.)
Policemen: No desperado
Shows bravado
When we follow upon his track,
For we've rather a nasty knack
Of catching and collaring,
And it ain't no use ahollering,
Meebles: (Somehow I could never really trust a bobby;
I don't like their boots.)
Policemen: Our bulldog grip we don't release,
All kicks and struggles quickly cease,
We are the guardians of the peace,
The burly Metropolitan Police.
Eason: Stop 'em! stop 'em!
There they go!
Millicent: Oh! they must be killed,
I know!
Eason: Try and catch 'em down below!
Bagot: How dare you, sir!
How dare you, sir!
It's not the lady's fault.
Eason: I call you all to witness
That's a common, rude assault!

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