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Butterflies is a musical play in three acts by William J. Locke, lyrics by T.H. Read and music by J.A. Robertson. Produced at the Apollo Theatre, London in 1908.

Dramatis Personæ

MAX RIADORE   (a Professional Vocalist) Mr. Hayden Coffin
CHRISTOPHER PODMORE   (a Colonial Broker) Mr. Fred Edwards
YARKER   (his Chauffeur) Mr. Lauri de Freece
GILBERT   (a Poet) Mr. John Bardsley
PAUL   (a Student from Brittany) Mr. Willie Warde
PETER   (the Young Man without a Penny) Mr. Kenna Lawson
ALPHONSO   (an Art Student) Mr. Mansell Stringer
WIDGERY BLAKE   ("Puck") Mr. Louis Bradfield
ELSIE PODMORE   (Christopher Podmore's daughter) Miss Iris Hoey
NORA PODMORE   (Christopher Podmore's wife) Miss Stella St. Audrie
LALAGE   (an Art Student) Miss Lucie Caine
MYRA   ("The Chatelaine") Miss Jessie Lonnen
SALOME   (a Model) Miss Gladys Soman
RHODANTHE   ("The Witch") Miss Ada Reeve

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Entrance Hall of a Château in France.

ACT II   -   A Boudoir in the Château.

ACT III   -   Back in the Entrance Hall of the Château.


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Vocal Score at the University of Rochester.

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