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No. 7 - Chorus - "Hail! the King."


Girls: Hark to the blast of the trumpet,
Hark to the beat of the drum!
That is the way that they thump it
When the King's body-guards come.
Look at the gold on the banner,
Look at the flash of the sword,
Greet in a suitable manner
Our most magnificent lord!
Gardeners: Drop the spade and barrow,
Drop the wat'ring pot,
Girls: The wat'ring pot,
Gardeners: Quicker than an arrow,
Quicker than a shot.
Girls: A rifle shot.
Ensemble: Leave the sad begonias
Lonely to their fate,
Welcome here Cadonia's
Monarch good and great.
Hail, hail to the King,
Hail to the King!
Guards: Hail to Cadonia's monarch we shout,
Loud let harmonious greeting ring out!
Though wicked enemies snake-like may sting,
Vain all their venom is;
Long love the King.
All: Valiant and virtuous,
Noble of mind,
Meaning no hurt to us
Clement and kind,
Well has he merited everything
That he inherited--
Long live the King!
Long live the King, the King!
Long live the King!

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