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No. 8 - Song - Alexis - "Overrated."


Alexis: A king am I in royal state,
I do just what I'm told to;
I eat off heavy silver plate,
On Sundays I have gold, too!
I like a walk when it is fine,
But haven't lately tried it,
For though the King's high road is mine,
There may be mines inside it!
Oh, dear! life's a weary thing!
I'd rather be a butcher or a baker than a king!
I'd just as soon my fork and spoon were but electroplated —
Royalty's a bus'ness that is greatly overrated.
I've just been told that I must wed,
And not delay or linger
To put my crown on someone's head,
My ring on someone's finger!
There isn't time to take a kiss
Or have an hour for courting,
And though I stand a chance of bliss,
The chance is hardly sporting!
Oh, dear! when of royal rank,
Your marriage is a lottery, your bride a perfect blank!
To Mendelssohn's familiar tones the match is celebrated —
That's a piece of music that is greatly overrated!
  Some people long to change the laws,
And win a public hearing
By speeches for a noble cause
That sets the people cheering!
But when at last the law is passed,
It proves a lifeless letter;
Your endless fame is fading fast,
And nobody's the better.
Oh, dear! what is glory worth?
A little bit of marble on a little pot of earth!
A line one reads in which your deeds are utterly mis-stated
And the people's over-taxed and grossly overrated!

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