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ACT II - The Palace of the King of Cadonia.

No. 15 - Act II Opening Chorus


Chorus: We are here, we believe,
As the Court to receive
His Maj-- no, we'll call him His Highness!
And we do not quite know
How much homage to show,
Which causes unusual shyness!
Though we never forget
To observe etiquette,
And we would not be rude or disloyal,
Yet the problem is grave
How you ought to behave
To a Regent,
To a Regent who isn't quite,
isn't quite royal.
Contraltos: Ours is a plight
Worse than a man's;
Should we have white
Feathers and fans?
Shall we have hair
Waved or in curls,
And may we wear
Rubies or pearls?
Shall we have hair
Waved or in curls,
Men: And may they wear
Rubies or pearls?
Ensemble: Ours/Theirs is a plight
Much worse than a man's;
Should they have white,
Should they wear rubies or pearls?
Should they wear rubies or pearls?
Ladies: Ah!
Men: Ah!
Ladies: Ah!
Stephanie: Let us compromise while the King is gone,
Greet the Regents' eyes with our full dress on!
If our missing king should return again,
It's an easy thing just to add a train.
Ladies: It's an easy thing to add a train.
Lieutenant: There's another point to settle;
We are gallant sons of Mars,
Who have gold and other metal,
Crosses, medals, bars and stars!
Shall we wear our gleaming orders
To delight the Regent's soul,
Or a ribbon, plain or borders,
Tucked into a button-hole?
Officers & Guards: It might catch the eye and shock it
If too bright our orders shone;
Put them in a coat-tail pocket
That you must not sit upon,
All: That you must not sit upon.
If a gallant guard sit upon his star,
It is rather hard hasty words to bar.
If your eagle's wings
Scratch you as they smash,
You may utter things
Such as Blow it!
You may utter ere you know it
Blow it, also Dash! Oh Dash!

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